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Cats on Dinner

Pictures of your food are silly.
Pictures of cats on your food are AWESOME!
I just noticed a folder on my desktop that said “kittehs” and remembered that it’s been a while since I ‘shopped some cats on to dinner. So without further ado, I give thee a Siamese cat on tom-yum soup from ‘A Taste of Siam!’
I forgot to make a Halloween post! Forgive me! A day late and a buck short I give you: Martha Stewart on Tony’s breakfast!
I’ve been kind of busy what with finishing grad school (by taking 6 classes- WHY?), a sick pup, and getting ready to move, but like the spookies in Carol Anne’s t.v., I’m baaaaaack! Well, kind of. Here’s a pre-halloween sweet treat. What kind of cat is this? I want one.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! 
This morning I had a bulgogi beef and kimchi waffle with a side of fat, fluffy tabby. 
Purrrrrrrrrrrrime Rib!
Super meta bento.
"I’ll have the tabby and cheddar platter please. With extra horseradish." Submitted by Sara and Jordan.
Cat on air-line dinner? We call this “Stray on Tray Entree”. This submission was a collaborative effort between Sara and Jordan.
Lil’ Roo’s birthday fry surprise!